Administrative Commission

The Administrative Commission is the management body of the funds and takes all important decisions. The members of this Commission must guarantee impeccable activity of the decommissioning and waste disposal funds.

The Administrative Commission is responsible in particular for the following tasks:

  • It provides the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) with the data needed to draw up the cost study.
  • It heads up and coordinates the cost study review.
  • It applies to DETEC for the predicted amount of the decommissioning and waste disposal costs.
  • It determines the financial-mathematical model to calculate the contributions, the financial plan and the budget for the decommissioning and waste disposal costs.
  • It determines the contributions to be made to the funds by the owners.
  • It decides on the acceptance of securities, insurance claims and guarantees.
  • It decides on the amount and timing of the compensation of shortfalls and surpluses.
  • It grants advances between the funds.
  • It applies via DETEC to the Federal Council for advances from the Federation.
  • It makes sure that an owner has satisfied his obligations in full.
  • It approves the provisions to be set aside to cover the waste disposal costs which will be incurred before the definitive decommissioning of the nuclear power plants.
  • It reviews the decommissioning, waste disposal and administrative costs incurred and charges them to the funds.
  • It approves payments of waste disposal costs which were previously not part of the cost estimate.
  • It decides on the amount and timing of refunds pursuant to Art. 78, para 2 of the Nuclear Energy Act of 21 March 2003.
  • It invests the fund assets.
  • It issues the investment directives.
  • It appoints the Business Office.
  • It determines the custodial entities and appoints the asset managers.
  • It elects the members of the committees.
  • It supervises the activities of the Business Office and those of the committees and experts appointed by it.
  • It provides the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) with all the information needed to effect supervision.
  • It draws up the annual reports and annual financial statements and submits the annual reports to the Federal Council for approval.
  • It determines the procedure for the selection of the members of the Investment and Cost Committee.
  • It makes the following proposals to DETEC:
  1. the profile of criteria for the members of the Commission, the chairpersons of the Investment and Cost Committees and for their members;
  2. the degree of employment of the members of the Commission and of the Committees;
  3. the amount of the compensation for the independent members of the Commission and Committees to the extent that it considers this necessary.
  • It determines compensation for the experts who are consulted.  
  • It adopts the necessary directives, in particular:
  1. the directive on the exercise of the fund shareholders’ voting rights at the general meeting of limited companies;
  2. the directive on the refund of expenses.
  • It approves the investment strategy on a proposal from the Investment Committee.
  • It reviews compliance with the investment directives, the investment principles and the investment restrictions.
  • It approves the activity reports of the Investment and Cost Committees.
  • It reports to the SFOE each year on risk management.
  • It proposes via DETEC to the Federal Council the appointment of an experienced audit company registered with the Federal Audit Oversight Authority.
  • It appoints the Investment Controller and defines the surveillance and reporting concept for investment controlling.
  • It approves the annual budget for the administrative costs of the funds.
  • It determines the payment dates for the annual contribution instalments.
  • It decides on the amount and timing of refunds.
  • It enters into contracts for both funds.
  • It determines the principles for the provision of information to the general public.