Commission Committee

The Commission Committee consists of the Chairman of the Commission, the Vice-Chairman of the Commission, the Chairmen of the Investment and Cost Committees and one member of the Commission who is designated by the operators.

The Commission Committee has the following main tasks:

  • It conducts routine business on behalf of the Commission.
  • It prepares the decisions of the Commission, in particular:
  1. nominations for the election of members of the Commission, the Investment and Cost Committees;
  2. proposal for determining the degree of employment of the members of the Commission and of the Committees for the attention of DETEC;  
  3. proposal for the compensation of the independent members of the Commission and Committees for the attention of DETEC.
  • It reports to the SFOE at quarterly intervals, in particular on routine business and on the trend and status of the assets.
  • It is responsible for internal and external communication.
  • It keeps the Commission informed of its activity.