Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is the controlling, coordinating and supervisory entity for asset management.

The main tasks of the Investment Committee are as follows:

  • It controls, coordinates and supervises asset management.
  • It develops the investment strategy for the Commission and is responsible for its implementation. The investment strategy includes allocation of the fund resources between the different investment categories. The investment strategy is either defined for each contributor individually or else uniformly for all the contributors. This strategy takes account of the capacity of the operators to handle risks.
  • It determines the investment process.
  • In coordination with the Investment Controller, it supervises the activity of the asset managers and compliance with the investment directives, the investment principles and the investment restrictions.
  • It monitors and assesses the investment risks of the funds at regular intervals.
  • It supervises the experts consulted by it and the work commissioned by the Business Office.
  • It keeps the Commission informed of its activities and of the implementation of the investment directives.